NCG enables our clients to make better decisions for Unified Communications, cloud computing and network connectivity.

Network Connectivity Relocation

Let's face it -- moving without a network in place will cause serious disruption to your business and many companies underestimate the time and steps required to order and install network services at a new location by a specific date.  

NCG makes moving easy because we support the voice and data network relocation process from beginning to end. Our experts have a deep understanding of:

  • Pre-move planning and assessment
  • Ordering, service delivery, testing and activation processes
  • Post move clean-up and support

With NCG at your side, you can rest assured you will move on time and budget.

Pre-move Planning & Assessment

Get network infrastructure reports on buildings before a lease is signed.

Not sure if a building has fiber or can support relocating your services in a timely manner? NCG lets you know exactly which fiber providers, cable companies, Ethernet over Copper or fixed wireless providers are in the building and how fast you can get service installed.

Determine current inventory, contract obligations and cost to move services.

Having a understanding of current services and contract commitments is critical to any smooth relocation project. With NCG you'll get answers to the following questions:

  • What are my current services and contract terms?
  • Can I move my current services to the new location and if so at what cost?
  • If I use fiber, cable or Ethernet over Copper (EOC) access can I get this same service at the new building?
  • How long will it take to move existing services??
  • What are my temporary options ifI can't move my services in time?
  • When to I have to have my orders issued to support my target move date?

Moving is a great time to evaluate service capabilities, new technology or simply saving money

Companies frequently realize significant service improvements and cost savings compared to current plans and moving is a perfect time to make a change. NCG can offer options to migrate to the Cloud, increase Internet speed or simply reduce costs with existing or new provider.

Ordering, Implementation and Service Delivery

Once the decision has been made to move existing services or change providers delegate the time consuming work of ordering and managing the installation process to us.

NCG supervises service delivery and resolves issues which delay the installation process. We help coordinate all third party companies including last mile circuit provider, riser management companies, cabling contractors and phone and data equipment vendors to make sure delivery of services is completed on time and without hassles.

Post Move Clean-up and Support

Disconnecting old circuits and stop billing notices are often overlooked during the relocation process until the bills arrive. NCG helps take care of managing the disconnect process to minimize paying for services you are not using anymore.

NCG makes sure you know who to call when you have technical issues once a move is completed. We'll make sure you know account numbers, circuit ID's and the right support numbers so you don't waste time trying to resolve a repair issue.

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