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Internet Access

Let NCG help you get faster and more reliable Internet service for less money.

In today’s business environment more applications are being pushed to the Cloud. Unified Communications, VOIP, VPN, Video Conferencing, Cloud Computing and Data Backup & Recovery require more bandwidth and redundant connections for business continuity.

The good news is the deployment of Ethernet access over fiber, copper, cable and fixed wireless service has increased the speeds available at a lower price.

The types of Ethernet Access Internet Service are:


Fiber is the most reliable, fastest and scalable access mode with speeds from 5 mbps to 10 Gbps. Unfortunately fiber is not in all buildings and it can take several months to have fiber installed. NCG will let you know which fiber providers are in or near your building and provide the best rates available for higher speed Internet Access.

Ethernet over Copper (EOC)

EOC technology provides dedicated and synchronous speeds up to 100 mbps at lower prices versus traditional T1 and NxT1 services. The technology is distance sensitive with less guaranteed speed the further a location is from the local wire center.


Cable (broadband) provides asynchronous and inexpensive bandwidth compared to dedicated and synchronous technologies. Cable is a great option for redundant connections or for smaller companies which don’t need dedicated service. Cable is inexpensive but does not come with any service level guarantees on speed, network availability and repair time which is why it costs less than dedicated service with guarantees (SLA).

Fixed Wireless (Roof line of site)

Line of site fixed wireless offers dedicated and synchronous speeds up to 1 Gig for Internet and private data transport. Fixed wireless can be installed within days and is a great solution for businesses needing diversity or rapid installation of service. The service level guarantees for speed, latency, network availability and repair time are the same as wired line options.


Cellular Internet access is a low cost option for temporary or back service. Coverage and speed of connections vary by locations and providers with wide variances in signal strength at different locations and locations within an office.

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